HF CWP1/2 Frequency Schedule

FEED STATUS:   HF CWP1/2 feed runs intermittently, when operating will operate between2130Z until 0700Z approximately on the below schedule.



2130-0100 UTC              17904 and 13261       CWP SP

0100-0630 UTC              17904 and 21985*     CWP SP

0630-0500 UTC              17904 and 13261       CWP SP

0500-0700 UTC              17904 and 11384       CWP

*21985 use subject to daily propagation

Coverage Area / Air Ground Stations:

CWP (Central West Pacific)        San Francisco, Tokyo and Manila

INO (Indian Ocean)                     Brisbane, Mumbai

SP (South Pacific)                       Brisbane, Auckland, Nadi and Tahiti

SEA (South East Asia)                Manila, Singapore, Jakarta and Brisbane


Effective: 22 April 2017

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